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Ets ELIMEX - Ivan RADEVSKI Founded in 1995, ELIMEX is one of the leading compagnies in the manufacture of chairs made of solid wood. With more 15.000 chairs a month we are among the companies with the largest production capacity in Bulgaria..A large share of the manufactured chairs are from our vintagecollection- viennese models. We have a wide range of 150 models of chairs, stools, bar stools and armchairs. In our rich collection you will find models of every taste and style : From chairs with classic and clean line through timeless viennese chairs to modern and luxurious models. All our Products are of high qulity and precise workmanship. ELIMEX extend more than 60.000 m2 and has over 350 Employees. The company has a large, modern ans high-tech machine park and own driving chambers with 800m3 capacity. The main production facility is located in the the town of TROYAN. In 2015, the company expand its production by opening a new plant in BANSKO South Of Bulgaria. Much of the timber come from BULGARIA ans also fron UKRAINE, where we have own wood processing facility, under the respect for the laws of the environment of traceabilty and origin of the wood. The chairs we offer are made of solid wood mainly beech and oak. we work with high quality water solube paints ans varnishes that we apply with an electrostatic painting robot. We offer a wide variety of fabrics, artificial or genuine leather and We use fire resistant foam for upholstery. We maintain high quality by constant checks throughout the whole production cycle. We select, harvest and dry the raw materiels. Blanks go through a series of machines operations. We have 8 CNC robotic machines. The final products are packed in suitable packaging that ensures defect-free transportation to the final destination. Approximately 99% of our production is for export. We have a customers all over Europe, as well as USA, Canada, Israel, Japan...
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