Integrity Kokosing Pipeline Services LLC

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Integrity Kokosing Pipeline Services, LLC. is a Central Ohio-based company offering a full range of construction services related to the oil and natural gas industry. Our corporate office is located in Fredericktown, Ohio.  We are committed to having the resources available to meet the requirements and needs of our customers. Our company has the highest regard for the safety and well-being of its customers, employees, suppliers, and the general public. We are positioned to meet the ever-changing requirements of regulatory agencies and committed to conducting business in compliance with all applicable environmental and workplace laws and regulations.   We are currently in ISNetworld, Veriforce Operator Qualified, have a specific safety plan/manual, drug and alcohol program with random testing, etc.  Integrity Kokosing Pipeline Services takes pride in working safely, provides reliable service, respects your timelines and schedules and will deliver and execute the services we would provide to your organization.  Safety is our number one value driver within our organization. The pipeline construction services that we provide to our customers include but not limited to:   §    Any and all pipeline construction related to new and replacement pipe, forced relocation’s, IMP – which would include launchers and receivers, new valve settings or valve setting replacements, etc. Mainline pipeline construction both small and large diameter consisting of long and shorter lengths. §    IMP verification digs related to any and all anomalies found from smart pigging or wireline work. This would also include DCVG and ACVG survey results that need to be verified. §    Construction support related to smart pigging and wireline inspections. §    Installation and repair of groundbeds and rectifier systems which would include installing anodes both vertical and horizontal, cable repairs, troubleshooting etc. §    Installation of anodes and cable as it relates to protecting bare pipe. §    Installation of the new product Fiberspar, we are certified Fiberspar installers. §    Forced relocation project related to highways, municipalities, coal mine and etc. §    Pipeline cut outs and repairs. §    Atmospheric corrosion inspections and repairs along with pier replacements. §    Well Pad hook-ups including, piping, GPU units, sand filters, tank batteries, containment, meter settings and etc. §    Our services would include small and large diameter pipe as well as low, medium and high pressure.  (Better known as distribution, transmission, storage, gathering and lateral pipeline systems) §    Sandblasting and painting along with recoating. §    Pipeline testing: water, gas and nitrogen. §    Compressor station builds including but not limited to: Installation of compressors, piping, all gas conditioning equipment, (dehy’s, filter separators, launcher and receivers, valves and header piping, tubing, instrumentation, heat trace and insulation, etc.) §    Compressor station metering stations odorizes, electrical, back-up generation, air compressors, ESD valving and etc.
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